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Madonna dance-a-long (2017)



Commissioned by THE QUEER ARCHIVE


MADONNA DANCE - A - LONG was an effort to creatively enhance the actual cinematic experience. The screening of the documentery Truth or dare? was presented along with live dance routines mimicking the ones on the screen and creating a magical live 3D experience. LGBTQI groups, local drag queens and dance schools worked together in order to present a new theatrical experience. The audience sung and danced and got into the groove. This experience was not only for Madonna fans, but also for anybody who could see it with " open heart and an open mind..". Profits from the show were donated to LGBTQI+ Refugees in Greece group. All participants ( Mirto Athousaki, Nikos Arapis, Moira Bubblez, Chrysos Synodinos, Zibelda Divina, Doukissa, Alexia Ziyander, Melita Skabeau, Vera Zouka, Dimitris Kokkonis Georgia Xanthopoulou, Zackie Oh, Maria Papadopoulou, Lydia Pothoulaki, Flora Probona, Yiannis Roukis, Vasilis Sivas, Marina Stavrakaki, Dimitra Stilianou, Maya Feres, Konstantinos Frountas, Melina Hronopoulou ) worked for free in order to support this common effort.